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Never Give Up Stories 
By Mary Vee
Suspense/Mystery and Adventure


The day the king of Aerlis heroically dies and his lovely queen is viciously carried off to the dark north, dragons invade the land. Crops and homes near the border burn to the ground. Prince, Gilbert must give up what he wants most to save his father’s kingdom and himself. 

The Keeper of the Kingdom advises Gilbert to go into the north country where he will find the answers he seeks, great wealth, and power. But the north is infested with dragons.

Gilbert’s wise uncle instructs him to go to the Valley of Sharon and bring back what can only be seen by the bright and morning star. This quest alone will save the kingdom. The journey requires sacrifice and is filled with great danger, the same perils that recently killed his father.

Time is short. One choice will save his kingdom. The other will silence him and his people—forever.



Mountain folk have long repeated the legend of a great and powerful blizzard that can curtain the Rockies with no notice, trapping unsuspecting guests, ruining plans, and putting lives at riskChristmas With The Enemy takes a sprinkle of Romeo & Juliet, adds a chilly wind of City Slicker then tops with a glacier helping of Scrooge in this Montana meets Chicago Christmas Blizzard Tale in desperate need of Peace on Earth. A reviewer says: "A Hallmark Contender."



Patriotism On American Soil. Little did Staff Sergeant Ethan Hartman know that being sent stateside would result in his next search and rescue mission. Liz Westcott fights for a place to sleep after losing her job and being evicted. She settles for a local train station, where she is lured into an underground gang. Trapped. Stripped of worth. Liz’s only hope, until she can find a way to escape, is Daring to Live another minute. Suspense that will keep you reading long into the night.

Christmas Mystery Novella

A horrible accident steals Brice Anders' career and much of his memory. Only hope and motivation wake with him every morning. A letter arrives. A chance to forge the dream Chef career...then an intruder breaks into his new home, sabotaging his work. With days left to Christmas, his job on the line, his memory not helping, only hope can deliver redemption. 

Virtual Travel Book:


Return to Italy in this virtual tour. Taste the food, visit the sights, laugh with friends, hear the bell towers ring, touch the vineyards, olive trees, sea, and so much more. Today you can go back. If you haven't been to Italy but always wished you could go, take this virtual tour-no passport or suitcase required--and know this is a country worth seeing. FULL COLOR PHOTOS

Junior Fiction Mystery Book


Someone took cookies from the platter in the church's kitchen, and William wanted to know--no, he needed to know who did it. Themes: truth and forgiveness

Juvenile Fiction - Mystery - Humor - Veterans

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