Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why I Use a Pen Name

Welcome to my Website

My name is Mary Vee. This is my pen name, but it is also the name that is easiest for you to remember me by.

The idea to use this particular pen name came when my father-in-law told his patients: simply call me Dr. Vee. His patients thanked him and found they could have a better rapport with him. 

He has been honored many times for his caring, bed-side mannerisms; his helping patients to live longer with their terminal disease by prescribing medicines and treatments; and his listening to their issues no matter what time they called his home.

I hope to show you, reader, the same compassion by writing stories that inspire you to never give up.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Never Give Up Stories


If you enjoy suspense, adventure, and mystery my stories are for you. 

With a special focus on the young adult reader, these stories will take you on a narrow, twisting path that skirts the edge of sheer cliffs. Where thunderclaps strike and muddy earth beneath your shoes shifts closer to the drop off. Nothing is near to grab hold.

All seems lost. The end is here.

Yet, these stories are also Never Give Up stories. Impossibilities fade to remote improbabilities. The least likely solution surfaces for only a moment. There is a hope, the only glimmer available.

Grab a flashlight. Be prepared.